ASPEN Leaflet is a newsletter published by ASPEN. It has the latest news and announcements, product plans and lists of new users. The newsletters are stored as PDF files.

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Volume 26, No. 1 Fall 2015
Applications of ASPEN Tools for PRC Compliance

Volume 25, No. 1 Fall 2013
OneLiner and Power Flow v12 Graphics, ASPEN Software Blog, Integrating DistriView with CAD and GIS Data

Volume 24, No. 1 Fall 2012
Relay Loadability Studies, OneLiner Relay Data Import.

Volume 22, No. 1 Summer 2010
ASPEN OneLiner Is The Leader, ASPEN Line Database Debut, Upgrading from Line Constants Program.

Volume 21, No. 1 Fall 2009
Vendor Specific Distance Relay Methods, Windows 7 compatibility.

Volume 20, No. 2 Summer 2008
Stepped Event Analysis, Current-Limited Generator Model, Fast Contingency Simulations in Power Flow Program.

Volume 20, No. 1 Winter 2008
OneLiner/Relay Database Data Integration, Arc Flash Analysis in OneLiner and DistriView, Price Increase.

Volume 19, No. 2 Fall 2005
Relay Testing Feature in OneLiner, Locating Fault with OneLiner, Relay Database Scripting, Price Increase.

Volume 19, No.1 Summer 2005
Curve Selector. On-Site Training. Free-Form Layout in Relay Database.

Volume 18, No.3 Fall 2004
Transformer Damage Curve Made Easy. New Features in Relay Database Web Interface . Relay Database Security Improved.

Volume 18, No. 2 Spring 2004
Improved Breaker Rating Module. Breaker Rating Module Price Increase. Read/Write Relay Database Web Interface.

Volume 18, No. 1 Winter 2004
File storage and retrieval in Relay Database; Test Templates; Improved Recloser Model in DistriView.

Volume 17, No. 3 Fall 2003
PowerScript for Relay Testing; Fall Lineup of Program Update; Tech Support in Spanish; Improved ASPEN Web Site

Volume 17, No. 1 Spring 2003
Web interface for Relay Database; Breaker Rating Comparison Program; Improvements in Relay Database V2002C

Volume 16, No. 3 Summer, 2002
Relay Data Download; New SEL-5010 data upload; Script to export relay test quantities; Script for fault location.

Volume 16, No. 2 Spring, 2002
New graphical interface; Improved series capacitor modeling.

Volume 15, No. 1 Summer, 2001
Database to OneLiner link; Tech support in Portuguese.

Volume 14, No. 2 Summer, 2000
Relay database update.

Volume 14, No. 1 Spring, 2000
PowerScript; Live demos through the web.

Volume 13, No. 2 Summer, 1999
Breaker Rating Module.

Volume 13, No. 1 Spring, 1999
Mutual coupling; Power flow update; Scripting language and solution viewer.

Volume 12, No. 3 Fall 1998
Client/Server database debut.

Volume 12, No. 2 Summer 1998
DistriView - Work in progress; Relay Database - Work in progress.

Volume 12, No. 1 Winter 1998
Client/Server database.

Volume 11, No. 4 Summer 1997
ASPEN DistriView debut; Relay database plans; 16 Bits to 32 Bits.