Latest Data Conversion Programs

These data conversion programs are designed to generate ASPEN DXT files that are compatible with latest OneLiner version 14. 

Extract program executable from downloaded zip file and open it to lauch the data conversion tool.

Technical bulletin: "Modeling Type-4 Wind Plants and Solar Plants with ASPEN OneLiner's Voltage Controlled Current Source Model" 

Click HERE to download a copy of this document in PDF format.

Latest HASP Drivers

We always include a set of device drivers for the HASP key in the \network directory of the program CD. If these device drivers don't work for you, you may be able to get a newer and better version from the key manufacturer's web site . You need Windows Administrative privileges to install the device drivers.

1. Download Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows GUI Run-time Installer.

2. Remove all HASP keys from the PC or security server.

3. Execute HASPUserSetup.exe to install the driver.

4. Plug the HASP keys back.

License Manager

If the message : "The License Manager is too old.", appears when you run OneLiner or Power Flow under network-key access, you must re-install the License Manager with LMSETUP.EXE at the PC with the key.

1. Download "HASP HL License Manager" installer at this link. Extract LMSETUP.EXE from the zip file.

2. Remove all HASP keys from the security server (the computer with the network key attached)

3. Execute LMSETUP.EXE to update the Licensing Manager. Accept all defaults.

4. Plug the HASP keys back.

On some server system, LMSETUP.EXE may display error message when installing the buil-in HASP key driver. In such cases, download and run the latest Sentinel HASP/LDK run-time installer as described in the section above.

HASP Monitor Tool

This tool will allow you to monitor network connections to HASP license manager that you are running on the security server. You can download a zip file with the HASP monitor tool setup at this link.

"Implementacao de Rotinas em Programas de Curto-Circuito para Viabilizar Aplicacoes em Testes de Protecoes de Linhas de Transmissao" by Clarivaldo Almeida, Syvio Cayres.

Click HERE to download a copy of this paper in PDF format.

BECKWITH Electric Setting Converter tool

This program allows ASPEN Relay Database users to convert between a Beckwith M-3425A relay setting data file (*.dat) and ASPEN standard setting data file (*.txt). Click HERE to download a zip file with the program executable ASPENFORMAT.EXE. Run the executable on you PC to start the data conversion program.